NY Youth Technology Team


Established in 2014, the Youth Tech Team is committed to promoting and establishing a sense of team spirit in children through community service. Such community activities include: diagnosing computer health issues, instructing others how to assemble computers, volunteering at elderly centers to teach basic tech knowledge, etc. Due to the unique 
nature of this team, it is an important and meaningful project. Participating in this team will maximize professional acuity and interpersonal skills through teamwork held by a strong foundation, while also giving a positive contribution to the community, thereby generating a virtuous circle. American universities greatly value students who show enthusiasm to contribute to society and are committed to community services over students who receive recommendation letters from teachers during the college application process. We sincerely hope that parents encourage their children to become members of our team, allowing us to contribute to the community together.

Rules and Regulations:

Since we prefer quality to quantity, we will only recruit 16 members for the first team. The president and two team leaders will be designated and the training schedule will be posted. The president will only serve a term of two years and team members will automatically be removed from the team after graduating high school. Future presidents and team leaders will be elected. The initial training time requirement is two hours per week. If a team member arrives late to training, leaves early, does not fulfill the weekly quota, or is absent without proper notification, the member will either be temporarily or permanently dismissed from the team. The various fees needed to support this team in the first term including handout, hands-on training, uniforms, tools and location rental are all paid for by KG Computech Inc.